Growth Through People

The GBCC Growth Through People campaign aims to help local firms boost productivity through improved leadership and people management skills. Delivered by the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce with a range of partners, it includes free training sessions, workshops and events alongside research and thought leadership content.

Our Research


believe investment in leadership & people management skills boosts productivity


do not have clear strategies in place on investing in these skills


would use the Chamber for recommendations on reliable providers


cite lack of staff time as a barrier to investing in these skills


Recommendations for Employers:

  1. Have a plan on investing in leadership and people management skills in your organisation, and communicate it.
  2. Explore a variety of different types of training and support – there are options to suit all budgets.
  3. Reinforce the long term benefit to your organisation of investing in the right training over the short-term cost to staff time.


Recommendations for Stakeholders:

  1. Investment in people management and leadership skills should be considered a key part of the productivity agenda.
  2. Work with established business networks, such as Chambers of Commerce, on influencing businesses on this agenda.
  3. Be mindful that many smaller organisations do not have dedicated HR resource when designing interventions and policy in this space.

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The college is actively involved with local businesses and has excellent links with industry. Our expertise and resources are valued by leading employers, public sector organisations and small and micro businesses from all sectors who we work closely with to recruit, retrain and upskill their workforce.

Growth Through People 2018:

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Growth Through People is an annual campaign from the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce. Our 2018 campaign took place between the 26th February and 23rd March 2018. Growth Through People will be back in early 2019. Until then we will continue to inspire and inform the business community with content and case studies from businesses committed to investing in leadership and people management skills. Watch this space.

  • 9/10 learned something new
  • 95% likely to attend future Growth Through People events
  • 93% met their expectations
  • 64 Net Promoter Score: Excellent
  • 93% rated the event speakers as “very good” or “excellent”
  • 60% of delegates were from SMEs (< 250 employees)
  • 35% delegates were CEOs, Directors or Senior Managers

“Now that I am aware of the campaign I cannot wait for the next ones - keep up the great work you are a fantastic network to be involved with - I have learnt so many new skills and met new contacts and leads through the networking”
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Growth Through People 2019

The GBCC Growth Through People campaign will return in 2019. If you would like to enquire about either of the following:

  • Sponsoring Growth Through People 2019
  • Participating in Growth Through People 2019

Contact Emily Stubbs, Policy & Patron Advisor, on