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With over 65,000 page views a month and over 30,000 monthly visitors, it makes perfect sense to showcase your business online to a professional audience and increase your chances of being discovered by your target market. With Birmingham advertising opportunities and sponsorship news are available at the click of a mouse, ambitious individuals can thrive and make the most of effective sponsorship advertising with Birmingham Chamber of Commerce.


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Advertising slots and rates

Position Advertising rates based on monthly commitment
  View Advert Price (member | non-member) Summary
Right Hand Column   £850 + VAT £950 + VAT Most-read areas of our website. Included on news articles, event details, blogs, business directory for maximum exposure for advertisers.
Homepage banner   £750 + VAT £850 + VAT 60% of our visitors land. This offers advertisers the opportunity to easily reach anyone visiting our website.
Dropdown menu banner   £750 + VAT £850 + VAT Looking to target a particular audience to advertise to? The dropdown menu allows you to tailor where you would like your advert to appear.
Footer banner   £500 + VAT £600 + VAT Footer advertisements appear on all website pages and have proved to be extremely popular given their regular appearance.


Technical Specification

GBCC Website Advertising Width x Height (px)
RHC spotlight banner 550 x 310
Homepage banner 570 x 160
Dropdown menu banner 250 x 200
Footer banner 300 x 250

To be supplied as JPG or PNG, 72dpi, RGB. Please provide a hyperlink with your artwork.


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