What is GBCC

The Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce (GBCC) is here to connect, support and grow local businesses. Accredited by the British Chambers, we have acted as the voice of local businesses since 1813.

GBCC is headquartered in Edgbaston, Birmingham, and covers six geographic divisions and three themed Chambers.

Geographic Divisions




Themed Divisions



The Asian Business Chamber of Commerce (ABCC) was formed in 1987 and today acts as a gateway for any organisations looking to target the West Midlands Asian business community


The Greater Birmingham Commonwealth Chamber of Commerce is the tenth division of the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce and exists to drive trade between the Midlands and the Commonwealth


Future Faces is our young professionals Chamber and exists to help businesses support and develop staff who are committed to developing their careers. Future Faces welcomes people from all sectors seeking to share experiences and learn from business leaders to develop new skills, knowledge and best practice.


BABC Midlands is a chapter of the New York headquartered British American Business Council, the leading transatlantic networking organisation. The BABC Midlands is committed to promoting transatlantic trade and investment among our international group of businesses.